Ready to uplevel your  meditation, self-care practices and overall wellness?

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The Flow State Method is my signature yoga-coaching service.  

Throughout this process I'm not just your yoga teacher, I'm your guide, your coach and your whole-hearted support and advocate - doing research on your behalf and designing a customized program that serves you and both your immediate needs while setting up the stage for longer-term yoga and wellness goals.


This highly-customized service and everything we do is centred around YOU.

It’s my soul-driven mission to help YOU eliminate the struggle and find your flow.

If you....

//    You want to feel strong and confident, calm and in flow

// You want to move more and stress less// You’re ready to drop exhaustion and feel good both inside and out// You want more energy when you wake up in the morning & better sleep at night// You want to find better ways to relieve anxiety and overwhelm // You want to start being more present in your life and work

I'd love to support you and get you motivated, moving,feeling amazing on the inside and looking amazing on the outside. 

Areas of Focus


It's not just stretching.

When it comes to the physical practice of Asana (yoga poses) I believe in the idea that our body is not what “gets us into the pose but it’s the “pose that gets us into our body.”  

No two bodies are the same and because of that I focus on how the shapes feel instead of what they look like for an incredibly functional style of yoga.

I'll have you download my favorite online yoga app where I will go on and hand pick weekly yoga classes specifically for you.  (The classes vary from 5-min tutorials and meditations to full-length classes so I'll make sure it is something that fits into your schedule and not around it). 

Self Care Shifts

The time you invest in self-care should give you a strong ROI (return on investment).

Based on your unique preferences we’ll redefine what self-care looks and feels like for you.

No forced activities that don’t feel aligned, we'll strip down your self-care routine to make it simple and easy to follow (because your life is already jam-packed).

Examples of self-care tools and practices:

  • Essential Oil Recommendations + Samples sent directly to you from Doterra 

  • Informational and/or Inspirational Readings

  • Outside Healer Recommendations (acupuncture, massage, etc.)

Mindfulness + Meditation

Presence and stillness doesn’t have to mean sitting in constant silence for long periods of time.

As with everything in my Flow State Method we’ll work out the tools that work for YOU and your life.

Understanding Your Energy:

We’ll identify your natural patterns and work with them, instead of against them to take you from exhausted to empowered, fast.

Find your Flow:

Pulling everything together we’ll create a personalized plan that will help you take inspired action every day. This plan will be jam-packed with useful strategies and practical tools to take you from overwhelmed and exhausted to in-flow everyday. 

What's Included & Pricing

A Flow State Audit

You’ll complete my deep dive playbook to pin point exactly where you are right now, where you want to be and what’s holding you back. This will give me some insights into your story and you’ll gain amazing clarity even before we speak.

Your Personalized Flow State Plan

Using the insights from your playbook and a one hour session together (either face to face, Skype or phone) we’ll get clear on your wellness goals and self-care blindspots and what kind of strategies work for you when it comes to implementing daily rituals that will boost your energy, make you feel amazing and give you back time in your day.

To work through the essential pillars to creating flow.  Before each session you’ll check in with me via my nifty online flowcheck and we’ll review where you’re at and what you need from our next session.


Virtual Coaching Only

(no private yoga component)

4-45 minute skype/zoom sessions

Paid Monthly $597 (Requires Minimum 2-month commitment)

Because this program has such a highly personalized I require an interview prior to acceptance to make sure we're a perfect fit. 

Click the button below to fill out your application and you'll be given a link to schedule your 20 minute interview at the end.