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As a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate + Leader I am passionate about helping others find simple ways to decrease their toxic load and live a more natural lifestyle with the use of essential oils + natural products for your body and your home.  

What I'm also passionate about (and even more so) being a guide and coach to the women who join my DoTERRA team!

I believe the real results come from taking bold, consistent, action and that you already have everything you need inside of you – I’ll shine a light on your unique talents and help you push past the blocks so you can start sharing these amazing oils and building a business yourself! 

When you come on my team we take a heavy focus on educating ourselves + I believe that we must first seek to understand ourselves so that we utilize our strengths and build our business from a place of authenticity.  

For some that means they go hard and heavy leading classes right away and for others it means taking the time to explore the most natural ways to share the oils.

The most important component on my team is that we are a community that thrives on lifting each other up + rising together interdependently.

I’ve been in the space where I was watching everyone else - feeling overwhelmed by all the advice I was receiving.  While it’s important to prepare - I find that it’s also important not to other think the way we share the oils.  

So instead of overthinking it, start to use them regularly throughout your day - create a routine and build your belief in the product.  From there, just share your experience with those who you think may benefit. 

full of passion and play (a life inspired by all the things you love!) 

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