I'm Mary Sabo, a  yoga teacher + coach, Doterra Wellness Advocate, singer and writer.  

I'm in love with all things yoga, music, the Hamptons, health, wellness.

Why am I here? 

To get you moving on your mat, exploring and finding "your practice" the one that makes you feel nourished, empowered and in a state of total flow.

What does that mean exactly?

I am dedicated to helping you design a daily yoga and self-care routine that works for you, in your life, in this moment - not when the timing is "perfect." 

I'm in the business of making YOU feel amazing inside and out.  

Getting you out of your head and into your body, to get you glowing from head to toe.

I believe...

There is no "one-size fits all" yoga practice or self-care routine. 

And there are so many suggestions out there on what to put in your morning routine (YOUR) being the operative word.  

That is for you to decide and I'm here to help you do that. 

I am always training, even when I’m not training. I’m active in taking classes with my own teachers and I’m constantly taking online courses to further understand the human body as it pertains to the practice of yoga and wellness overall.  

I am a research junkie and love getting to the meat of why somethings works from the science-side of things.

I am a mix of the practical and the mystical.  

I believe we can benefit from both western and eastern medicine. 

That would should nurture both our creative sides and our logical instincts. 

And, it’s because of where I’ve been and what I’ve journeyed through that I know I can help you.

Overwhelmed. In denial. Filled with fear.

Yep, that was me, just a little over 7 years ago.

I was constantly in motion.

I was partying too hard and working even harder.

I had no off switch, and I was seriously unhappy.

I’d hit rock bottom.

Battling an alcohol addiction and a dependency on anti-anxiety medication I was engaging in all sorts of self-sabotaging behaviors – bad diet, partying the night before an audition, zero self-care. Instead of leading the fulfilling life I had always dreamed of, up on the stage, I was living from day to day in unsatisfying jobs with no real sense of direction or purpose.

I was foggy. I was frazzled. It was definitely not the life I had planned. I was so stuck I didn’t know how to move forward or what I even really wanted.

I had to make a drastic change.

I went into rehab and learned how to take care of myself emotionally, spiritually and physically. I realized that through movement and taking constant, bold action comes clarity and the ability to feel amazing without outside aids.  

Even though I had completed a Masters in Education I realized my calling was not in a classroom teaching math and science, but out in the world helping other feel good about themselves both inside and out.  

In the midst of fear lies the possibility of opportunity.

I now understand the true meaning of self-love, deep authentic self-love, from the inside out. I wouldn’t change a thing about the path I’ve taken.

It is because of my recovery, not in spite of it, that I now have the opportunity to live a life beyond my wildest dreams.  

And so I am on a mission to help my students make yoga, movement and mindfulness part of their daily routine.

If you're ready to find your practice and embrace your natural state of flow you can…..

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