Crazy busy?

Want to practice at a time

that works with your schedule

and not around it?

In-home or office privates are perfect for you. 



Steal away from your day with a 60-minute experience

on the mat designed and customized just for you. 

Whether in your home or office,

I'll create a makeshift environment that transforms

the energy of

even the most sterile of spaces and

I'll provide you with clear instruction that

details safe and strong alignment for YOUR body.  

Why Work With Me?

You hire a private yoga instructor because you want that one-on-one attention that you can’t get in a group class. 

I give you hands-on adjustments throughout your practice to help you really feel the foundation of each pose in your body and when appropriate bring you deeper into the pose. 

You’re busy and you don't have time to get on your mat everyday.

I get that.

I work with you during each session to give you moves that you can take into your week that don't always require a mat - if that's what your schedule looks like.  

I'll give you follow-up materials that can be worked seamlessly into your current schedule and situation. 

I bring you modifications that work for your body and suit your body and it’s immediate and long-term needs. 

I actively listen to understand your practice goals.

I create a customized sequences and continuity for you - because one size never fits all. 

Ready to roll? Here's what happens next...

1. Fill out the form below or give me a call at 516-375-4707 if you are looking to practice within the next 5 days.

2. Once we connect and schedule you'll receive a welcome email and questionnaire to be answered before our session either written in and emailed back or by scheduling a short 10-min phone call to share your answers that way. 

3. If you decide to buy a package of 5 classes or more we'll dive into further customizations like adding essential oils into our time together and more.

*Prices listed below sign-up form

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Private Yoga Packages

3-Sessions  $480 ($160/hr) Expires 6-Weeks from purchase date                                                                                                                                                   5-Sessions  $750 ($150/hr) Expires 2 months from start date                                                                                                                                          10-Sessions $1400 ($140/hr) Expires 3 months from start date

Individual Session

1hr-Session $175/hr 1 person * $200/hr 2 people
Each additional participant $20