Virtual Coaching sessions last 30 minutes weekly or bi-weekly during a designated time.  


Wellness coaching provides guidance and accountability to help you achieve healthy lifestyle changes. It is like having your own personal coach to help you succeed and overcome challenges as you make changes to improve your life!


Sessions are scheduled for 30 minutes and you will meet with your Wellness Coach every two weeks or monthly. 


Sessions are customized toward individual focus areas and goals, including but not limited to:

  • Custom Workout Plans
  • Nutrition Planning/Counseling Smoking Cessation Techniques
  • Stress Management Tips
  • Accountability



It is a standard single session of 60 minutes.

Each session is different than the other and combining various techniques, from health coaching to meditation


The uniqueness of every human being is in the integrity of their container with their content.


When the two of them are not in a positive communication, discomfort grows and and a sense of suffering prevails.


The Body is a part of you together with your Mind, unitedly they are THE TWO YOU.


Working to create a smooth and pure channel that links them, to make them love each other and be perceived together as the unique you is my most felt goal.


Making them talk in sync means create a connection that enables well-being, serenity and peace to unlock more and more energy to live with purpose and joy to elevate yourself and proceed further.


Making them work together one for each other create a A STRONGER YOU, A MORE COMPLETE YOU AND A DEEP BALANCED YOU.


Your body is an ally to your mind and viceversa. They both are in service for you, they exist for you to express your purpose in the life. When they are well in harmony they free together a A MAGICAL SOURCE OF STRENGTH, SERENITY AND CREATIVITY IN YOU.


Starting a journey towards this direction means letting the Body&Mind connection being created with wisdom and gaining THE PEACEFUL MIND that will carry you during this journey and afterwards.