How Do I Buy doTERRA? I don't want to sell the oils or be locked into a monthly minimum!

You have 3 options when buying doTERRA: 

  1. Retail Price - You'll spend full price on the oils. Honestly, this is not even worth it so I am not going to even share my retail store link.

  2. Wholesale Customer Membership - spend $35 for a membership and then purchase whatever oils you would like at wholesale cost (25% off).

  3. Wholesale Customer Starter Kit - best way to purchase and below wholesale price!

With any of these options, there is no requirement to sell or place a minimum monthly order.

Start with a Oil Kit to Save the Most!

Untitled design-3.png

Buy a starter kit which includes the top used oils..Wholesale pricing (25-55%) savings on all your oils all year

Discounted and free shipping options.

Your $35 wholesale membership fee is WAIVED!

Your kit will be priced BELOW wholesale value!

No obligation to purchase each month or sell.

Free 30-min Wellness Consult to help give you oil protocols + get you set up to make the most of them!