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I’m Mary…..

And it’s my soul-driven mission to create and lead transformative experiences that help busy professionals eliminate the background noise of life, bridge the gap between the mind and body so they can step into the role of their highest selves.

I believe we can live our big dreams without sacrificing inner peace

Yoga. Music. Essential Oils. 

It's time to eliminate the noise and hone in - choose your journey.

Live your big dreams without sacrificing inner peace

Do you ever wonder if there’s a way to do less and be more?

You have that fire, it’s deep in your belly. You’re an action taker, a brave freedom seeker who’s driven to make a real and lasting difference in the world. You’re living your soul’s purpose. You’re prepared to do whatever it takes to achieve your big, bold dreams.

But there’s a price to all of this - and you’re paying it in overwhelm and fatigue.

Perhaps you’re trying to do too much and you’re spread too thin.

Perhaps you’re feeling constantly exhausted or sluggish, with perpetual brainfog.

Your energy is like a roller coaster - one day you feel like you can tackle anything and then by the afternoon you crash or you struggle to sleep at night.

Balance when it comes to the attention we give to things outside of us is not entirely doable, but this isn’t about

Can I be honest with you?

It doesn’t have to be this hard. You’re not meant to feel this exhausted.

It’s time to get centered and start creating a life in flow.

I work with brave, ambitious and heart-fueled women (just like you!) teaching them how to understand themselves as learners, professionals and as individuals. Together we target the blind spots that emerge when we’re not grounded and practicing the best self-care.

How we flow together

I’m your coach, yoga isntructor, Aromatherapist and loving ass-kicker, all in one. I’ll take you on a journey from self-discovery to self-mastery.

When we work together you will

  • Uncover your blocks and smash through them

  • Identify Your Wellness Vision + Layout an Action Plan

  • Identify your patterns of self-doubt and hold the old stories up to the light

  • Unlock the keys to a consistent movement program that WORKS for you

  • Be pushed forward to take inspired action

And the best part?

Everything we do is centred around YOU.

No cookie cutter systems or one size fits all plans.

It’s my soul-driven mission to help YOU eliminate the struggle and find your flow.

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