Daily healthy habits 



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30-Day Challenge to Spring clean your system, uplevel your daily wellness routine and cultivate an empowered mindset!

You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of success is found in your daily routine.
— John C. Maxwell
From April 15- May 15 DoTERRA will be initiating a Daily Health Habits Challenge for a full month on Facebook and
I'd love to invite you to join me and my team as we support each other through this 30-day challenge! 
DoTERRA will be doing daily giveaways for those that participate in the daily challenges as well as larger prizes at the end for individuals who have participated each day of the challenge!

Plus I'll be sweetening the deal by adding extra support (totally free!) so that we set ourselves up for success.

What I'm offering: 

A FREE support group + coaching + resources to help you stay on track with the DoTERRA Challenge so that you are not only in the running for some amazing giveaways but so you prove to yourself and everyone else that you are capable of acheiving vibrant health!

Why am I doing this?

Having a support system is a huge component to increasing your chances of success whatever your goal may be - studies have shown up to 50%!

And I love supporting women (and the occasional man!) in finding and cultivating wellness habits and self-care routines that work for them - and stick!


What you'll get from me when you sign up to join the challenge:

1. 30 Minute One-on-One Coaching Session with me to gain clarity on your top 3 health + wellness goals + what habits will best support you in acheiving them

. 30-Day Printable Journal you can download to journal and track your journey through the challenge 

a page for each day of the challenge with a checklist of the habits

a motivational quote 

a journal prompt 

free write space to brainstorm/post

3. A private facebook group where I'll be hosting 2x weekly calls for oil education + Q and A's

4. Daily Weekday Emails with tips, tools and resources created and curated specifically for this challenge

In order to enter the DoTERRA giveaways on facebook, you'll have to purchase the Healthy Habits Kits from doterra (or supplement the products in if you already have some).  instructions will be outlined in the email once you sign up!

I'm so excited to have you join me on this journey and to see the positive shifts that occur when we raise our vibration collectively over the next month!