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Got the itch?

So did I.

Once I started using the essential oils and products DoTERRA offered, I was hooked. 

But it wasn't like that when I first signed up.

I was totally uncomfortable "selling" them to others.

My mentor and team leader Elena Brower told me, use the oils first and if you love them - then think about doing the business.

And I did, try and fall in love.  

So did my boyfriend, my family, my friends and my yoga clients.

And today, I proudly use and sell DoTERRA products and have an amazing team of women and men who are committed to lifting each other up emotionally, spiritually and financially.

If you've been debating on dipping your toe into the business, I'd love to tell you to jump in, because WHY NOT? 

You have my permission to try it out and I'd love to support you!

And so would our amazing team and community of like-minded healers, teachers, moms, athletes and change-agents who are passionate about sharing DoTERRA and even more passionate about the products themselves.

These oils and natural products stretch far beyond the bottles that arrive at our doorstep - they support communities throughout the work with their co-impact sourcing model as well as their Healing Hands foundation.  

So what do you say?  Ready to join the tribe, make more money and help the world all at the same time?  

My suggestion is to start off with one of the cost effective enrollment kits where you will get a great set of oils and blends so before you start selling to others.  

I remind myself and my team that every morning when you wake up, be your own first customer, use your products and then share from experience.  All you have to do is invite others to learn and be of service.  Listen to their needs, add value that is specific and the "selling" will take care of itself.  

 Click here to learn more about Enrollment kits.