How to Discover What is Holding You Back

Are you happy with your job, body, relationships, and mindset? If you’re not content with your life and feel that it could be so much “more”, it’s time to embrace the joy you deserve! As a yogi, aromatherapist, and wellness coach, I help people break free from mental roadblocks and learn to use self-care to nourish their body and spirit. My question for every client who is unhappy remains the same: What is holding you back?

How to Discover What is Holding You Back | Mary Sabo Yoga Instructor

How to Discover What is Holding You Back

We all have a nagging voice in our heads that encourages us to settle for less. It tells us lies to make us complacent with “good enough”. I’m here to tell you that the voice is wrong. I’m going to lay out some of the things this voice tells us to keep us on the hamster wheel of a life of stress, bad habits, and unhappiness.  

It’s Not the Right Time

How many times have you wanted to change your job, start a new exercise routine, or take an amazing trip with friends yet told yourself it wasn’t the “right” time? We hold back on so much - taking the leap to nourish our bodies and minds, leaving an unhealthy relationship, setting aside time for self-care - because it’s not the perfect moment in our minds.

The right time is now. The stars will never align the exact way you want them to with this attitude. The kids will always need help with something, your job will always have another deadline. There is never a better time to start putting yourself as a priority than this very moment.

It can be scary to take action. But stop using time as an excuse. The longer you wait to begin, the longer you have to wait to lead the life you’ve been craving.

I Can’t

It’s easier to believe limiting thoughts that tell you “I can’t, I shouldn’t, it’s not possible”. These thoughts put a limit on your abilities, fencing you into mediocrity.  They halt progress because you believe that you truly can’t achieve what you’ve been secretly dreaming about. These toxic thoughts keep us from being our true, whole, contented selves because we are too worried about what we can’t do instead of what we can.

Maybe you’ve been wanting to start your own business. Or carve out time to take a class you’ve been thinking about. Or start eating food that is nourishing and healthy - not just convenient. What do you dream about? What are your hidden goals that you’re too afraid to voice?

I’m here to tell you that you can do MORE. You can achieve what you’re secretly dreaming about. You can fulfill your dreams when you stop letting these thoughts win.

Assuming a Negative Outcome

Similar to the “I Can’t” mindset, sometimes we assume we know the outcome of every given scenario. I can’t quit my unfulfilling job to go freelance, I won’t have any clients. I can’t leave this toxic romantic relationship or friendship, I’ll be lonely. I can’t ask for the promotion at work, they’ll say no. Your negative assumptions have shut down every idea before you had a chance to try them!

We don’t know the outcome of those scenarios. What I do know is that thinking negatively can stop you from living the wonderful, complete life you want! Believing you know the awful outcome can halt your journey before you have taken a single step. Life is about growing, risking, trying, NOT about staying complacent in unhappiness.

Your mental mindset about what will happen could keep you from true happiness and peace. What if you do leave your job and find yourself with a full docket of clients that want to retain your services? You’ll never know until you start that journey.  


All of these mental blockages are related to fear. Fear is that little voice that tells us we can’t achieve our loftiest goals, we can’t risk it, it will probably end up badly anyway. Those aren’t truths. They are toxic thoughts designed to keep you right where you are. Ultimately, fear paralyzes us into inaction.

Fear of failure is what keeps us from attempting our goals. But without the risk of action, we can never fully achieve our greatness. If you do fail, it can lead to unexpected growth. We do not know the outcome of every situation, even when we think we do. You could fail in one task, yet learn a valuable lesson that spurs you to even greater success.

Failure is not the enemy. Fear that traps us in inaction is.

The only way forward is to push through our fear. Take action, in spite of your fear, and realize the exhilarating freedom you achieve. NOTHING can hold you back - not even yourself!

What negative beliefs are keeping you from your dreams? I help my clients release their mental blockades to fully embrace the wonderful, fulfilling life they crave. You can be truly content and confident in your mental and physical health. It starts by recognizing what is holding you back and releasing those thoughts.

Mary Sabo