6 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Find Mental Clarity

Mental Exhaustion.

Decision Fatigue.


Is your mental dialogue a constant companion that just won’t shut off?

Neuroscientists have placed blame on technology when it comes to our shrinking attention spans. With scattered minds, come scattered thought-processes and decisions.

You might have a job that makes your life stressful or a busy to-do list. From climbing the corporate ladder to being a stay-at-home mom, learning how to shut off the highlight real of overwhelm + achieving mental clarity is essential - for focus, sleep, sanity!

What exactly does that mean?

A clear mind is one that can focus - it is not filled with stressful thoughts and self-doubt. It is able to hone in one what is important in the moment and can tune out the background noise.

Here are 6 mistakes that people make when trying to acheive mental clarity.



6 Mistakes People Make When Trying to Find Clarity of Mind

Not having enough alone time to reflect on your day.

If things in your life are hazy, you need to take the time to pause and reflect on what is happening.

Make time every day to let go of your thoughts and excuses. Look inside yourself and be honest with what is really bothering you. You may need to let some things go to achieve clarity of mind.

Once you do this, you can face your daily challenges feeling calmer, more focused, and productive. Practice pausing with a purpose from time to time. You need to detach from being always on the go.

Reconnect with your goals and dreams of what you want in life. You might have many daily demands but it is important for your wellbeing and health to find time for you. This will help you perform better in your daily life and make you better for yourself as well as those that might rely on you.

Practicing yoga and helps you reflect and is a great way to empty your thoughts and gain mental clarity.

As you hold poses your other thoughts go away and you become sharper.

Using balancing postures can do this as well.

Consider Tree, Half Moon, Warrior 3, and Eagle.

You should consider adding yoga to your routine each day. Do a few poses before you go to sleep and then again in the morning to start off with a clear mind. Yoga will help you achieve clarity so you can live a better life, even with just a pose or two.

Waiting for the right time to make a change in your life.

No set time is ever perfect, your life will not suddenly get better if you move away or find a different job. There’s really no set time for anything.

You might not feel “ready” for most of your life if you don’t seek clarity. You will achieve mental clarity when you can seize the moments in front of you and make the most of them - as life is just that, moments strung together one by one.

Getting distracted by the little things that don’t matter. 

Is your to-do list a mile long? Everyone's days are filled with distractions. Duties and demands pile up steadily.

The big things become hazy when this happens. You won’t be able to focus on what actually matters. This is not a way to live and it is not fulfilling at all.

Are you living this way? Be honest with yourself and make a change.

You’ll be less overwhelmed and distracted if you try practicing meditation. If you meditate on a regular basis it will bring more focus and attention to your life.

The more you train your mind, the less you will find yourself feeling distracted and overwhelmed throughout the day. You take your mind to this level where clarity is natural and effortless by committing to the practice of meditation.

Overthinking how to achieve clarity of mind.

Your life’s purpose is important, however, setting smaller mundane goals is more attainable. You’ll be less likely to overthink things which will hinder achieving clarity of mind.

Commit to a couple of yoga poses and 15 minutes of meditation and you might see some changes in how you feel. As time goes on, you can fit more into your daily routine.

Not focusing on priorities.

When you commit yourself to one thing and charge foward with that one thing in mind, clarity is a natural result.

The word decide comes from the Latin decidere, which means “to cut off from.”

Prioritizing means to cut away other possibilities.

Focusing on one goal, for now, will help you achieve it more easily and keep you from getting overwhelmed by the little things. Consider batching instead of constantly multitasking with whatever it is you do.

Not knowing what your life purpose is, or just simply not having it yet.

That’s okay! Sometimes not knowing all the answers is the best form of clarity. Knowing what drives your life, the impact you want to create is important... but that isn’t something we solve in one day, and it can change as time goes on. Don’t let searching for your purpose in life hold you back, rather than help you move forward.

A fulfilling life will always be about the perpetual progression that leads you and others towards growth. You don’t need a detailed destination and map to live a free and fulfilled life. All you need is a little guidance that will clear the fog and set you on course.

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Mary Sabo