How to Sleep Well with a Soothing Nightly Routine

Habits and routines are pure power and affect our lives in the most profound ways. Daily habits and routines soothe + provide a gateway into becoming more mindful throughout the day. If you’re having trouble sleeping at night, one of the best ways to sleep well is to implement a nightly routine that you complete before bed each night.

How to Sleep Well with a Soothing Nightly Routine

Your nightly routine should be unique to you, but here are some of my favorite ways to wind down before bed. I’d love for you to implement some of these habits to see how they improve your sleep!



Of course yoga is going to be on this list as I am a yoga instructor.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, yoga can improve your sleeping habits, and has helped patients overcome insomnia. Daily yoga practice has helped participants fall asleep more quickly and remain asleep for longer periods of time. This is why I enjoy yoga so much; there is an endless list of benefits!

Here are my favorite, relaxing poses to do before bed at night:

Supta Baddha Konasana

This yoga pose only requires 3 minutes of your time — it’s short and simple! The positioning of your body will help you become much more relaxed. This pose is also known for fixing respiratory problems and improving fertility. You can learn more about this specific yoga practice here.

Simple Twist

This one is also simple, and it’ll help relieve back pain as well aid in digestion. Muscle stretching and relaxation is key here, which will promote quality sleep. Here are my instructions for the Simple Twist:

  • Lie on your back, draw your knees into your chest.

  • Softly roll to your right side as though you were going to sleep

  • Slowly lift your left arm and take it to your left side, allowing the upper left shoulder to rest toward the ground.

  • You can keep your left hand on your left waist for a while, and then gradually reach your left arm farther to the left to increase the twist.

  • Stay 2 minutes then switch sides for another 2 minutes

Viparita Karani (legs up the wall)

This posture is  a perfect note to end the day on! It’s an inversion that is physically restorative and mentally soothing. You can watch a tutorial video on how to do the Viparita Karani from the comfort of your own home. You can do it over a bolster or cuddled up with a blanket.

Essential Oils

One thing that really calms me down at night is essential oils. You can use a diffuser to give your bedroom a soothing smell before falling asleep, or even spray some on your pillow or give yourself a hand and foot massage using lotion and a few drops of oil.

Here are just a handful of essential oils that you can use that will promote sleep:

  • Copaiba - Massage into the temples, back of neck and shoulders to relieve tension before bed and utilize the soothing effect it has on the nervous system.

  • Vetiver - To help promote a restful night's sleep, rub Vetiver oil on the bottom of your feet. Vetiver oil is a great essential oil for sleep and relaxation and can help give your body the sleep it needs. Because of Vetiver oil's grounding effects, it is commonly used for massages.

  • Lavender - The smell that radiates from lavender has a calming effect and is often used in aromatherapy. It calms the nervous system and reduces stress in the process.

  • Eucalyptus - For those nights when your head is stuffy + your mind is overwhelmed. Blends well with Lavender + Lemon as a great bedtime pillow spray.

  • Cedarwood - This essential oil is also known for relieving muscle tension and stress.

You can learn more about essential oils here.

Drinking Tea

Drinking tea every single day is one of my favorites on this list! Tea contains plenty of antioxidants which remove toxins from our bodies, leaving us feeling cleansed. Studies have shown that tea can reduce stress, help you lose weight, and improve the health of your body, preventing heart attacks and strokes.

Certain teas also soothe specific areas of your body. Ginger tea helps your digestive system, while green tea can improve the appearance of your skin and boost your metabolism. I really enjoy tea for all of these reasons!

Warm bath or shower

Many of tend to take hot showers first thing in the morning because we think it jolts us into steady awakeness. However, there are studies that show that the warmth from a hot shower can trigger sleepiness in us.

Getting ready for the next day

Before you settle down for the evening, it’s best that you take some steps toward preparing for the next day. When you do this, you’ll won’t feel rushed in the morning, which means less stress. That sounds like a great way to jumpstart your day!

  • Getting your yoga mat and yoga clothes out (or other exercise equipment ready) for your morning workout

  • Preparing breakfast in advance

  • Planning out your day using a planner

You may feel tired, but I promise you that you will be so much happier when you take the time before bed to plan out the next day. You’ll save time and may be able to sleep in!

Mary Sabo