4 Reasons to Hire a Private Yoga Instructor

Life is demanding, no doubt about it. But nothing gives you a sharper edge than a daily yoga practice.

In fact, studies show that yoga practitioners are not only happier but are more productive in the office than their co-workers, two strong reasons to invest in yoga training right away.

While group classes are a great way to get into the yoga groove, there is really nothing like having a private yoga teacher and coach by your side. As we enter into this new year, it's an even better time to get some one-on-one guidance... and let me tell you why.

It’s All About Discipline

When it comes to keeping a steady yoga practice, there is nothing more important than good old-fashioned discipline.

Best intentions aside, those foggy grey mornings and busy schedules often sway us from diving right into a yoga session to start the day, even though we know it will dramatically shape everything that follows.

And that’s where a personal yoga teacher comes in. We show up so that you show up.

The best way to guarantee to yourself that you will follow through on a daily practice is to get yourself a personal yoga teacher to hold you to your word.

We Can Advance Much Faster

With a personal yoga instructor at your side, you don’t have to move at the pace of the whole class. Instead, not only can we customize your yoga practice to suit your particular needs, both your weak and your strong points, but we can move forward into more advanced poses without worrying that we are leaving anyone behind.

Because we can address your goals specifically together and be honest about the things that are holding you back, we can make much more rapid advances towards a more healthy, happy and productive you than you could ever get in group classes.

Safety is Also Important

Nothing is going to punch a hole in your routine and make you completely non-productive more than pain and injury, something that unfortunately can happen even with a gentle yoga practice.

With a private yoga teacher guiding you, however, you can navigate around the most common pitfalls that cause injury because you have an experienced practitioner watching over you personally.

In fact, for those suffering from either acute or chronic painful conditions a private yoga teacher is an invaluable way to make sure that you are helping and healing the condition instead of contributing to it.

Private yoga sessions are of course full of personal adjustments that correct bad posture and poses and prevent you from damaging yourself during the session.

From Yoga to Full Living

The practice of yoga is a powerful way to rejuvenate your body and mind and fill you with natural positive energy that will spill over into any task you partake. But it is not the only way we will be enhancing your life and increasing your productivity, happiness, and success.

My private yoga teacher services also include life coaching sessions to help you focus your mind on what’s the most important to you as well as add-ons like essential oil education and application for more mental clarity.

When there is a particular issue or problem that you identify as an obstacle in really achieving your goals, I even do in-depth research on the subject in both yoga literature and in advances in psychology and natural health so that we can implement real answers into your daily practice. In short, I am more than just a private yoga teacher, I am a personal assistant and friend dedicated to helping you overcome limitations and reach the heights of your potential.


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Mary Sabo