The Importance of Inner Peace

“We can never obtain peace in the outer world until we make peace with ourselves.”

How often to you hear yourself saying....

Copy of Copy of exhaustion.png

....if he would just do this, my life would be so much easier?

...that asshole cut me off - what an idiot?

What about....

...I'll be happy when... I finish this project, I go on vacation, I lose 5 pounds, I get the job, I have some time to myself?

When was the last time you felt a moment of real inner "peace"?  

A moment when all the stress and tension from everyday life leaves your system and nothing is bogging your mind down, no sense of urgency or negative thoughts flying around in between your ears?

Peace starts with us.  

The more peaceful our internal landscape is - the higher our vibration shines and that sends waves and ripples out into the world.

My goal as a yoga teacher is simple: I want my students to walk out of class feeling better than when they walked in.  

It could mean feeling physically better, emotionally better, spiritually....doesn't matter, I just want them to feel better. 

When I walk into my yoga classes, haggard and rushed because I didn’t prepare my clothes and music the night before - my students can feel that...


if I am not focused on my own inner peace on a daily basis then how can I expect them to be? 

Achieving inner peace doesn't mean you have to sit in an ashram for months, meditate for hours on end or give up your worldly belongings and desires - all it takes is the simple act of identifying your needs and meeting them with action on a daily basis. 

As my friend and parenting expert Bea Marshall says that when mothers say "YES" to their own needs and place value on them enough to take action, they become a much better parent.  Not only do they feel better but their kids have a parent who is fueled up and able to focus in on their children while also setting an example for them.

This evening, before you go to bed, grab a pen and paper and identify all of the things you have going on this week.

Next to each item, write what you need to do to prepare for each of those events so when the time comes you won't be rushing to shove food in your mouth five minutes before or cursing out traffic because you went to bed too late and got stuck in the traffic you wanted to avoid.  

Before sharing your gifts with the world this week - turn in and tune in. 

You'll be setting a positive ripple in motion the minute you do. 

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