Mary Sabo


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I’m Mary.

I’m a yoga instructor, essential oil educator, enthusiastic and team leader + teacher, writer, speaker, singer, truth seeker and DoTERRA Wellness Advocate. 


I'm on a soul-driven mission to get you moving and taking your self-care to the next level by nourishing your body, empowering your mind and living a life full of passion and play (a life inspired by all the things you love!) 

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As a DoTERRA Wellness Advocate + Leader I am passionate about helping others find simple ways to decrease their toxic load and live a more natural lifestyle with the use of essential oils + natural products for your body and your home.  

I believe the real results come from taking bold, consistent, action and that you already have everything you need inside of you – I’ll shine a light on your unique talents and help you push past the blocks so you can start feeling amazing on the inside and glowing on the outside! 



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